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Home care with epilepsy varies with the frequency and type of seizures.  It is important to take anticonvulsant medication regularly to prevent seizures.

All first time seizures should have an urgent evaluation to look for the cause.

When a seizure occurs, an observer can use common sense to prevent injuries.

  • Cushion the person's head.
  • Loosen any tight neckwear.
  • Turn the person on his or her side.
  • Do not hold the person down or restrain the person.
  • Do not place anything in the mouth or try to pry the teeth apart.  The person is not in danger of swallowing his or her tongue.
  • Observe seizure characteristics-length, type of movements, direction of head or eye turning.  These characteristics may help the doctor diagnose the type of seizure.
  • The person will usually have confusion after the seizure for 20 to 30 minutes.

Medical Treatment

  • Drug therapy with anticonvulsants is the mainstay.
  • Choice of drug depends on several factors including the frequency and severity of the seizures as well as the person's age, overall health, and medical history.
  • An accurate diagnosis of the type of epilepsy is critical for choosing the best treatment.

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